Little Hands Big Imaginations

Little Hands Big Imaginations

encouraging independent thinkers and creative problem solvers through art

power of the sun

With fewer hours of daylight in Autumn, we explored eco-friendly, resourceful ways of solar power.  With giant boxes left over from our beanbag chairs, we made small houses and lightbulbs out of plastic water bottles filled with regular old water!


best dressed trees

As the Autumn is upon us, the days are becoming shorter and the biggest evidence of that is in the trees.  With shorter days the trees stop producing chlorophyll that keeps the leaves green. The tree is still alive but it is conserving its energy from the sun.  To help the tree feel a little better we gave it some new leaves.

imagination is more valuable than knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

With learning that uses imagination as a starting point anything is possible!

Kindness, Cooperation and Falling into Fun

An exploration in collaborative art making.  I am always amazed at the underlying beauty in children's art that I am unable to achieve!

Beach Bums

Sand in our toes and up to our nose.  The beautiful creations that arise from a little sand, glue and pebbles astound me.  I often have tried to recreate what is created by the hands and minds of 2-3 yr olds with no success.  They should be so proud of these beautiful and unique creations that are all their own!

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